Remove Duplicate Lines Using Sublime Text 3

Here’s a simple way to remove duplicate lines of data within Sublime Text 3. This is a common practice with creating look up tables and needing to narrow down the few unique data lines from a large batch of data. Bear in mind that this will only be useful with a single column of data. […]

Dynamically Add / Remove CSS Class with jQuery

jQuery has built in functions designed to add and remove a CSS class or multiple CSS classes from selected elements (selectors). .addClass() – Adds the specified class(es) to each of the set of matched elements. The function simply adds the class, appending it to any which may already be assigned to the elements. More than one class […]

Blogging with no money or technical skills

“It’s gotta cost something” Have you wanted to take your blog idea to the web only to be stopped by potential costs involved and uncertainty of how to do it?   Getting your own blog going doesn’t need to cost you anything to get started. There are many blogging solutions available that are free of […]

Garage Games returns to it’s Indie roots

Garage Games is back!  With the recent demise of  Garage Games sat in an uncertain position. They were picked up by some nameless folks and restored to glory.  Garage Games aim is to restore their place in the Indie game development scene.  To celebrate their newly restored vigor they have put their engines (Torque […]