Remove Duplicate Lines Using Sublime Text 3

Here’s a simple way to remove duplicate lines of data within Sublime Text 3. This is a common practice with creating look up tables and needing to narrow down the few unique data lines from a large batch of data. Bear in mind that this will only be useful with a single column of data. […]

Dynamically Add / Remove CSS Class with jQuery

jQuery has built in functions designed to add and remove a CSS class or multiple CSS classes from selected elements (selectors). .addClass() – Adds the specified class(es) to each of the set of matched elements. The function simply adds the class, appending it to any which may already be assigned to the elements. More than one class […]

Elegant Themes: Beautiful & Free Social Media Icons

This set includes thirty-five 32×32 icons in PNG and PSD format. You can use these icons however you like. There are absolutely no restrictions. I hope that you resell and redistribute them in your themes and plugins. If you post these icons for free on your site, link back to the original post on Elegant Themes below! […]

WordPress Themes: Responsive Premium Theme Designs

With today’s growing internet market the need for quick web solutions is greater than ever.  As WordPress becomes the staple web software for a huge majority of websites, the theme development market has grown to leave behind the basics to provide HUGE potential with bigger and better theme capabilities.  It is our goal to help […]

WordPress + Facebook + Twitter = Social

Trying to integrate WordPress blogs with Facebook and Twitter has been a bit of a nusiance.  Creating Applications and OAuth issues just have bogged down many attempts to make this endeavor successful.  Most bloggers now share and tweet about their posts and thus receive comments on each site.  The people at  Crowd Favorite and MailChimp have created a plugin for […]

Add/Remove options from a Select box with jQuery

Ever wanted to refresh your options in a drop down without having to refresh the screen? Here we will look at how to add and remove options from a select box using jQuery without refreshing the page. Adding a single option via .append A single option can be added by appending HTML to the select […]

Professional Web Design

Web Design or Re-design? We understand the needs of small business, and can offer crucial support to large companies. Whether your looking to freshen up your existing web presence or start from scratch we are prepared to support your company. Our professional staff will do what it takes to execute your needs within your budget. […]